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Fraunhofer will be presenting solutions for industry of the future at the 2023 Hannover Messe. Over 20 Fraunhofer institutes, groups and alliances will be showcasing their developments in the fields of manufacturing, the industrial metaverse, energy and adaptronics at the joint Fraunhofer booth A12 in Hall 16 from April 17 to 21. These will include innovative concepts for cutting-edge fields, such as mixed reality, edge cloud rendering, real-time communication, metaverse technologies, hydrogen technologies, digital ecosystems, biological transformation, hybrid AI and electric transportation.

22:24:31 | 2023-04-08

The hype about OpenAI's new AI tool ChatGPT is indicative of the impressive level of maturity artificial intelligence has reached. The features of ChatGPT and comparable tools are largely based on searches of vast quantities of data from the internet. These tools' lack of transparency is frequently criticized, though. Research scientists at Fraunhofer IAIS will be presenting various tools that can be used to test AI systems for their weaknesses, transparency, and quality systematically.

The metaverse has been attracting increased attention recently. This 3D parallel digital world is becoming reality and could disrupt industry. Some companies are already testing immersive collaboration in digital environments. The Fraunhofer booth at this year’s Hannover Messe will be showcasing industrial metaverse solutions for the first time ever. Virtually every institute in the Fraunhofer ICT Group is researching and developing metaverse technologies, which they implement in projects together with industry. Their portfolio of expertise includes hardware, software and systems.

Ten Fraunhofer institutes will be demonstrating new technological concepts for organizing manufacturing of the future with their strategic SWAP project (short for Heterogeneous, Workload-Optimized Robot Teams and Production Architectures). SWAP manufacturing architecture is intended to enable distributed, collaborative and self-organizing industry use cases and to incorporate workload optimization. The disruptive manufacturing architecture in which individual manufacturing facilities operate hierarchically and thus autonomously complete a complex machining job in optimal time and at optimal cost will be demonstrated in four use cases at the joint Fraunhofer booth.

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