Amsty, Ineos Styrolutıon And Trınseo Sıgn Joınt Development Agreement (Jda) To Advance The Cırcularıty Of Polystyrene

JDA intends to accelerate the introduction of circularity for one of the most recyclable polymers, polystyrene. JDA targets advancements in all technical aspects to enable scaled investment in advanced commercial recycling solutions

00:46:40 | 2020-09-16

To accelerate driving the circular economy for styrenics forward, three of the world’s
leading polystyrene producers, AmSty, INEOS Styrolution and Trinseo signed a Joint
Development Agreement (JDA) to jointly explore recycling options for polystyrene.
AmSty, INEOS Styrolution and Trinseo are committed to a circular economy for polystyrene.
This JDA represents the first global combined effort to explore advanced recycling technologies,
optimize them for commercial use and call for all contributors along the value chain to make
circularity of polystyrene a reality. The three companies are aiming at an economy where postconsumer
polystyrene waste does not end up in landfills but is recognized as a valuable
resource for the development of new materials for future use.
Polystyrene is a unique polymer suitable for multiple advanced recycling solutions like
depolymerization. Its properties make it ideal for a circular economy – even enabling food
contact compliancy of the recycled material, often considered the holy grail of polymer recycling.
All three companies have done their own independent research and have invested in various
projects to further the commercialization of advanced recycling capacity. This new joint effort
allows all participants to share best practices and optimize recycling technologies for large-scale
commercial use.

Dr. Randy Pogue, President and Chief Executive Officer, AmSty: “I am thrilled to see the
industry coming together globally to work on a common goal to realize true circularity for
styrenics. This is a true win-win for all participants in this joint effort and finally for our
customers, for consumers and for society.”
Alexander Glück, President EMEA, INEOS Styrolution, adds: “Polystyrene has all it takes to
make it a star in a circular economy. Enhanced recycling technologies even offer recycled
polystyrene at food contact quality. Which other polymer can do that?”
“This marks another milestone in our industry’s commitment towards a circular economy where
we can continue to enjoy all the benefits of Polystyrene whilst solving the environmental
challenges at the same time. I am looking forward to see other members of the value chain
joining us to make our vision become a reality in the very near future,” summarizes Nicolas Joly,
Vice President Plastics & Feedstocks, Trinseo.

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