RadiciGroup and Atalanta still a team

The two Bergamo organizations continue their partnership in the 2020-21 season

15:01:50 | 2020-08-20

RadiciGroup and Atalanta B.C. have the pleasure to announce the continuation of their partnership during the 2020-2021 football season. In the next few days, they will publish the details of their collaboration – a testimony to their shared values and, above all, their deep attachment to the territory and communities of the Province of Bergamo.

“We are tightly bound to the Nerazzurri jersey,” stated Maurizio Radici, vice president of RadiciGroup, a multinational engaged in the fields of chemicals, engineering polymers and advanced textile solutions. “The Atalanta jersey is the symbol of a territory and of a population that is rich in values and aware of its traditions, that works hard with determination to achieve important objectives. At a time like this, in which Bergamo has been put to a tough test, we think it is even more important for local pillars of society to team up, so as to reach increasingly more ambitious goals.”

“Continuing the collaboration with RadiciGroup – a renowned Bergamasque entrepreneurial leader in its sector around the globe – gives our company great satisfaction and pride,” Luca Percassi, managing director of Atalanta B.C., said. “Two pillars of excellence of the Province of Bergamo, who will go on playing together to raise the name of Bergamo, its land and its people ever higher in the world, especially in this difficult period that we are living through.” 

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