Kassow Robots' Cobot Product Family

Unparalleled reach and power combined for industrial uses: Kassow Robots launches production of the 7-axes cobots KR1805 and KR1410 Danish firm Kassow Robots has added two more models to its product portfolio. With its 1.80-metre robot arm – giving it an unrivalled reach in the cobot market – the KR 1805 opens up completely new applications for customers in industry. Thanks in part to its 7th axis, which allows it to reach around corners, a single cobot can now look after all the stacking and labelling tasks for Euro-pallets, for example.The KR 1410 impresses with a reach of 1.40 metres and a payload of 10 kilograms – a strong combination in the lightweight robotics market. This opens up a wide range of applications for human-robot collaboration (HRC),including in sectors such as the metal industry where high payloads are essential.

15:23:07 | 2020-06-27

The Kassow Robots product family now includes four 7-axes cobots: the KR 810 (reach 850 mm/payload 10kg) and KR 1205 (1200 mm/ 5kg), both introduced in 2019, and the two models currently launching: KR 1805 (1800 mm/ 5 kg) and KR 1410 (1400 mm/10 kg).


“Strong, fast, simple – this has been our mission since we first introduced ourcompany two years ago. All four models offer a unique combination of power andspeed and are easy to operate. When it comes to reach, the KR1805 is king with its 1.80-metre arm. We are proud to be able to offer industrial customers this added value,” says Dieter Pletscher, Head of Sales at Kassow Robots. “After first presenting our company in 2018 and introducing the first two models in 2019, we can now offer a strong product family of four cobots. For small and medium-sized enterprises, they are a strong, cost-efficient cobot package with almost infinite potential applications,” says Kristian Kassow, founder and CEO of Kassow Robots. Pletscher adds, “For SMEs, introducing or expanding the use of lightweight

robotics solutions now really pays off. What is more, the cobots are programmed on an intuitive, user-friendly device, just like the tablets we all use at home.” The cobots all have three ports, including a data/Ethernet connection to enable easy working.


Data/Ethernet port enables wireless connection between the end-of-arm tool and the robot


As the company announced in autumn 2019, Kassow fits all four cobot models with three ports as standard, with various I/Os and power supply signals. Two of the ports are for digital or analogue input/output. The third port enables a direct data/Ethernet connection with the controller. This way, customers can, for example, connect camera solutions or Modbus TCP directly to the robot via the

intelligent end-of-arm tool interface. This means that the cable does not have to run along the robot arm externally. All cobots from the Danish manufacturer have an end-of-arm tool with a free drive button, making it easy to program waypoints.


Automatica 2020

Kassow Robots will be also present at this year`s Automatica fair in Munich taking place 8-11 december  2020  (Booth C6.410). Stop by and have a look at our 4 cobots!


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