Hydraulics vs. servo-hydraulics: Calculate energy saving quickly and easily

With immediate effect, Baumüller provides a calculator which calculates the potential energy savings achieved by changing from hydraulic to servo-hydraulic technology, online, in only three steps.

14:24:57 | 2022-02-06

Depending on the application, changing from hydraulic to servo-hydraulic technology for a hydraulic machine can save more than 50 percent energy (kWh) per cycle. Baumüller, the drive and automation specialist now provides an online energy calculation with which the savings for the respective machine can be calculated, in only three steps. An overview compares the energy consumption of a classic constant pump with that of a servo-hydraulic pump.

comparison energy savingsA result in only three steps: The consumption values of a classic constant pump and the Baumüller servo-hydraulic pump are shown clearly next to each other in the new online energy calculator

The online calculator is available at www.baumueller.com/en/energy-calculator. Enter the duration, pressure and flow rate of the individual segments and the hydraulic energy and electricity consumption per cycle and the total energy consumption per year are calculated.

The consumption values of a classic constant pump and the Baumüller servo-hydraulic pump are shown clearly next to each other. The CO₂ footprint is displayed graphically at the end of the comparison, based on energy saving, CO₂ saving and percentage saving.

The summary of the results and a consultation can be requested in a further step, if you wish. The data entered can then be used directly for the specific component design, without further input.

The Best of Both Worlds: Combine hydraulics and servo technology and save energy costs

Classic hydraulic applications have many advantages: The hydraulics ensure high force and power density and that a large number of actuators can be activated with only one drive. The drive elements are robust and comparatively low-cost. In many cases, including hydraulic and hybrid plastics machines and presses, servo-hydraulic drive solutions can further improve the machine’s efficiency and performance.

energierechner servohydraulik energy calculator servo hydraulicHydraulics vs. servo-hydraulics: The energy saving achieved by changing the drive system can now be calculated quickly and easily online

Servo-hydraulic machines combine the advantages of hydraulic power transfer with the features of servo-drive technology: High power densities, compact drive units, and cost-effective and robust drive elements team up with dynamic and precise speed control. The energy consumption of the drive system thus reduces significantly and also allows for shorter cycle times, greater accuracy as well as lower noise development.

With the new Baumüller energy calculator, the energy saving can now be calculated quickly and easily online.

A short video about how to use our energy calculator is published at https://youtu.be/K6-EofxGWTs.

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