Erse Kablo is Proud of Rising in the Honor List of the Electrical and Electronics Exporters' Association

The Electrical and Electronics Exporters' Association gave awards to the export leaders who exported the most in the electrical and electronics sector in Turkey. Erse Kablo is proud to be ranked 32nd in “The Electrical & Electronics Export Honors List in 2022”.

18:36:13 | 2023-05-27

Having experience in the foreign markets, Erse has a significant position with its exports to all over Europe, especially England and Germany; over 50 countries in Asia, Middle East and Gulf Regions. Besides, Erse plays an active role in the development and change of international trade through sales and marketing. Erse Kablo continues to advance in global markets by shaping export regional sales and business development strategies for foreign markets and increasing the marketing communication activities of Ervital, Ervital Fire Safe Cable and Ervital Fire Safe Gold Cable product brands by participating in international fairs.

Erse Kablo follows global developments and attaches importance to the updating national and international certificates with its investments in modern test laboratories. Erse Kablo adds value to our industry with its R&D Center, technical university sponsorships and new projects of the R&D Center. It supports students of technical university who want to advance in the areas of profession cable and engineering through collaborations with technical universities.

Erse Kablo is proud of contributing to our country's economy with export by developing strategies to increase international trade and brand awareness with its manufacturing weak current cable product groups with high brand value. Erse Kablo General Manager Selami Sivritepe said, “We present quick solution suggestions to our business partners with our manufacture and service quality. Our company has customer relations management based on mutual trust with our business partners. We are pleased that this important issue, which is among our corporate values that is reflected on all teams at Erse.” Erse Kablo Board of Management expressed their gratitude to Erse’s all of teams and business partners who contributed to this success and quoted that they are happy to receive this valuable award.

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